Nick Siffleet / by Red Jacket


Civil Structural Engineer

  • Born and raised in New Plymouth

  • First worked for Red Jacket in Jan 2014

  • Had a short period away from Red Jacket in 2019 working primarily in the oil & gas industry

  • Currently studying by distance towards a Civil Engineering Degree

  • Previously completed a Physiotherapy Degree


  • Experience in civil works, site inspections, bridges and soil testing

  • Currently working in structural design

  • I hope to attain a Civil Engineering Degree and become a Chartered Engineer


  • Enjoy time with friends and family, especially my growing number of nieces and nephews

  • My wife and I are sticking to dogs as they are much more obedient than kids

  • Trying to put the finishing touches on the house which we have just built

  • Diving and keeping fit