At Red Jacket we carry out our business under proven terms:

  • We work hard to keep our strong reputation in the Taranaki Region.
  • We “stick to our knitting” meaning we are not experts, but we know well our core competencies.
  • We understand that no job is too large or too small.
  • We are known for explaining our work in simple terms.
  • We are known for being very effective in project teams.
  • We value our established relationships with our clients above all else.
  • We have staff who are valued for their attitude and loyalty to the Company and most importantly enjoy working together.

Why Red Jacket?

Red Jacket was chosen for our company name as being distinctive, and for the history behind the name. 

“Red Jacket” was the name given to one of the fastest clipper ships trading around the globe in the mid to late 19th century setting various records including delivering grain from Melbourne to Southampton and an unbroken speed record from New York to Liverpool. The boat also transported many immigrants to New Zealand around the 1870’s as recorded in the book White Wings.

We Pride Ourselves On

Health & Safety

The Red Jacket team recognises Health and Safety as a core component of our business.
Working closely with an external Health and Safety adviser, we are continually looking to improve processes where we can and we are proud of our ongoing commitment to safety.


Quality Assurance

Red Jacket is committed to providing the highest quality services for our Clients.


Care for the Environment

Red Jacket incorporates sound environmental practices into our daily activities.  From project beginning to end we look to identify and minimise risk to the environment.


Looking After Our Clients

We have a diverse range of clients, from the private homeowner through local authorities, architects and designers, specialist contractors and construction companies, to major industrial and energy corporations.

So we proactively look after our clients to keep ahead of their goals.


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